Major Types of Wine

Wine is a widely loved alcoholic drink. There are several types of wine which serve different tastes for people worldwide. Various wines have distinct features such as the alcohol composition and taste. Some of the most popular types of wines include:

White Wine

Most people think that white wine is brewed using white grapes only. Black and red grapes are also used to prepare it. This is possible because the colour pigments in black and red grapes are removed as the grape juice is extracted. Examples of white wine include Chardonnay, Moscato and Riesling.

Red Wine

Preparation of red wine requires red, black and white grapes. Grape pip, grape skin and the seed are all used in the fermentation process of red wine. High temperatures are used in the fermentation of red wine to get its colour. When taking this wine, recommended foods are white meat or grilled vegetables.

Dessert/Sweet wine

Sweet wine is popularly known for its sweet nature. A dessert wine is categorized into Tawny, Port and Sherry. In some cultures like the United Kingdom, they take sweet wine before meals while in others it is served after a meal accompanied by desserts.