Major Items to Assemble Before Making Wine at Home

Wine is an alcoholic drink which can be made in processing plants or at home. There are many wine lovers worldwide. By following the right process and having the necessary items, home-made wine can be as good as industrial wine. Before brewing wine, make sure you have the following items:

A Container

Containers used to make wine can be either a glass jug or a plastic water bottle. Such containers are found at local outlets. When buying a container for winemaking, ensure it is recyclable. Recyclable containers have number one or two at the bottom. The jug should be scratch-free to ensure a good result.

Rubber Stopper

The rubber stopper is useful when using commercial airlock or tubes. Buy a rubber stopper that fits your container. To be accurate, you should test fit it before you buy.


A stirrer is essential in the winemaking process because the solution has to be mixed well. The stirrer should have a long handle and should be of the appropriate size to fit in the bottle with the solution. Alternatively, you can attach a spoon with a dowel.


At the end of the wine brewing process, wine has to be kept in airtight bottles for good fermentation. Choose a bottle of the right size according to the amount of wine. Make sure that the bottle top is tight.


Sanitiser is used to clean up after the process to keep away the chemical smell. Bleach can act as a substitute for sanitiser. When using bleach, use a lot of water to rinse.

A home winery does not have to be complicated. With the simple items listed above, you can make wine that is as nice as any that money can buy.