How to Avoid Overindulging In Wine

Too much of anything is poisonous, they say! It’s true that drinking wine or any other kind of alcohol excessively can be severely harmful to your body. If you find yourself getting overly dependent on wine, here are a few tips you should consider to slow it down:

Avoid Having Alcohol in Your House

Drinking at home will get you away from a DUI but having easy access to alcohol is hard when trying to avoid overindulgence. Keeping a few bottles around the house is very tempting; you will often fall for the temptation.

Record Your Limit

Keeping a record of how many glasses of wine you take will help you know when to stop. Knowing how many glasses are too much for you to handle will always remind you not to go over your limit.

Note Down the Drinking Behaviours

When you drink, note down how much wine you drink, the location, and the mood during the drinking spree. This will help in keeping track of your behaviour and drinking limits. Keeping track of all this will greatly help avoid overindulging and keep track of what triggers you to overindulge.