winemaking process

When the hand-harvested grapes arrive at the weighing station in picking bins, the weight, row number and clone ID of the grapes are recorded as part of the continuous improvement and selection process in place at Vinoptima. To minimise damage and maintain quality right up to the time of pressing, individual bunches are carefully hand-sorted to remove any leaves or debris, before passing through to the de-stemmer.


The de-stemmed berries are gently pressed in rollers before moving through the Must Transfer Pump and into the tube-in-tube heat exchanger, where the temperature of the crushed grapes is reduced, before entering the two custom-built, six-ton, cooled draining tanks.


Skins, pulp, and juice are macerated here together under refrigeration for flavour extraction then, after 12 -18 hours, the free-run juice is drained away and pumped into refrigerated tanks for cold settling over several days. The temperature-controlled stainless steel receiving tanks provide a cool and gentle beginning to the start of the winemaking process. There are 18 tanks in all, each of 2600 litres.


The winery uses a combination of cooled stainless steel tanks and specially imported German oak ovals to optimise esterification and final balance of the wines. In this way the whole process involves both traditional and modern technology, resulting in a wine of magnificent structure and balance that perfectly reflects the terroir of the Vinoptima Estate.


Once clarified, the final blending of the finished wine is completed and then allowed to mature in tanks for at least 6 months before bottling.


Bottle aging at the winery is an integral part of the winemaking process and each vintage is carefully cellared here for up to 2 years prior to release. No Vinoptima wine is sold before it is ready for consumption and as premium Gewurztraminer generally develops well with age, Vinoptima buyers who choose to cellar their wine can look forward to discovering additional flavour sensations as the potential of their wine is realised with age.