passion for gewurztraminer

Vinoptima Estate is as much the result of a wine-making tradition handed down from father to son over hundreds and years as it is to my own 40-plus years of winemaking. Indeed it’s a happy paradox that such a successful new world Gewurztraminer is being produced with due reverence for old world methodologies.

My family hails from the island of Korcula, off the coast of Croatia, where a three hundred year old tradition of wine-making continues to this day on the original family estate. My parents, Nikola and Zuva, brought this Dalmatian passion for wine with them when they immigrated to New Zealand in 1937 and just six years after arriving they were able to create their own vineyard just to the west of Auckland, although persuading a beer-loving population to embrace wine was to take a little bit longer.

Happily for local imbibers and the enjoyment of connoisseurs all over the world, the wine industry flourished in New Zealand’s temperate climate. The Nobilo family played an instrumental role during this time, guiding the fledgling industry towards a bright future in high quality wines rather than the production of hybrid grape varieties and fortified wines.

In 1995, for his services to wine, my father was honored by Queen Elizabeth II with the Order of the British Empire.

Growing up in a family that was so deeply involved in wine exposed me to both tradition and innovation in equal measures. So it was natural that I called on the best of both when the time was right to realise a lifelong ambition, the creation of a world class Gerwurztraminer.