clonal selection

At least one aspect of creating a world class estate was going to be easy - deciding on the vines. Vinoptima Estate was developed for one reason only - the making of great Gewurztraminer wines - so simply don’t plant anything else.


In 2000 the original South block was meticulously planted out using bud wood from special clones of Gewurztraminer that I had begun selecting and propagating more than 25 years earlier. Since then, as the new vines have started producing, I’ve painstakingly evaluated each of the clones at ripeness, fastidiously tasting the berries from hundreds of vines and marking out for special attention those vines that display the best varietal character.


This process has been replicated over several vintages, making selections from selections before taking bud wood from the best vines for further propagation and under-planting of the existing vines. It’s these new plantings that have subsequently gone on to produce the wines that consistently win international recognition.


To meet the growing demand and optimise all aspects of the winemaking process, additional vines were planted on the North block of the Vinoptima Estate in 2007. The newer block is characterised by near identical soil composition and structure and if anything, is slightly warmer and drier than the original block. The North block has also been planted with a range of premium Gewurztraminer clones.


The Vinoptima Estate is constantly evolving with vines and clones changing in the continuous pursuit of the world’s best Gewurztraminer.