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Vinoptima en Primeur registrations are currently open for a limited period.


Production of Vinoptima Gewurztraminer is strictly limited, firstly because the vineyard estate is very small, secondly because we manage the vineyard to produce a low yield of high quality grapes with great flavour intensity and lastly, because we do not buy in grapes from other growers. With very limited production, of which about 80% is destined for world markets, there can only be a very small quantity available to en Primeur customers. Registrations are accepted on a 'first in' basis, so we urge you to register early.


Become a registered Vinoptima en Primeur (VEP) customer


When you buy 6 bottles (1 case) or more of the current vintage of Vinoptima Gewurztraminer you can register to become a Vinoptima en Primeur (VEP) customer. This entitles you to receive subsequent vintage allocations of Vinoptima Gewurztraminer at special pre release prices.


VEP Terms & conditions

  1. If you are a registered VEP customer, we will contact you prior to the release of each new vintage and you will be offered an en Primeur allocation (your ‘entitlement’) based on your previous year’s purchases.
  2. You may accept or decline your entitlement anytime during the en Primeur period (usually about 2 months). If you accept all or part of your entitlement, this forms the basis of your entitlement for the following year. If you decline your entitlement this may reduce your entitlement the following year, If you decline your entitlement in 2 consecutive years your en Primeur registration will lapse and may be allocated to other registered VEP members.
  3. A 10% deposit is due at time of placement of your en Primeur order. The balance, plus any delivery charges is due at time of release and prior to delivery.
  4. Vinoptima Estate reserves the right to adjust individual VEP member allocations from year to year depending on the quantity of wine produced.
  5. VEP applications will be registered in the order they are received. Once the VEP register is full it will be closed and subsequent applications will go on to a waiting list.


Wine storage

VEP customers unable to receive their wine at time of ordering may elect to have their wines stored by Vinoptima Estate. (This service is also available to overseas customers who wish to hold and consolidate wine shipments pending later export).


Conditions of storage:

  1. Vinoptima Estate will store wine entitlements for VEP customers until required for delivery/collection.
  2. All wine is stored in general warehouse/winery cellar conditions. 
  3.  Vinoptima Estate will insurance your wine while it is held in storage – the insured value is limited to the current market value of the wine. 
    A storage and insurance charge of $0.60 per case including GST per month is added to the cost of the wine and is payable prior to delivery or at time of collection.
  4. Simply notify us when you are ready to have your wine delivered and we will make the necessary arrangements. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery from time of notification.